History of VAS GmbH

FirmensitzThe company Video Active System Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (VAS GmbH) was founded in 1995 under the management of Mr. Udo Arendt. Along with three students from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, the basic building blocks for a digital imaging system, as well as the necessary additional components, were developed in the first year. These products, which were designed specifically for the CCTV area, established itselves in the banking sector in the shortest time on the market and quickly replaced the analog maintenance intensive equipment used so far. Market leading companies such as the Inform, Videotronic and Videv used our products in the field of digital video surveillance.

By 1998, there were signs of a slowdown in our market segment for bank branch offices due to internet banking, ATMs, and the emerging acceptance of debit cards. With this in regard, VAS GmbH pushed development into stationary digital video systems, e.g. for logistics enterprises and the mobile digital video surveillance.

In 1999 VAS GmbH introduced the first mobile digital recorder in the market. Both, hardware and software for this mobile system (Mobilrec) was completely developed at VAS GmbH. Through innovative solutions, e.g. vibration-free mounting of the disk drives and a large temperature range in which this system could be operated, Mobilrec started out very strong in this immensly expanding area of ​​security.

Again VAS succeeded in binding leaders in mobile video surveillance for the distribution itself. These included Videotronic and RP (later Verint) for cooperation. Verint is still one of today's world's leading companies in mobile video surveillance area, with the help new developments at VAS GmbH.

Today, VAS is proud to cooperate with R2P GmbH in the field of mobile video recording and public transportation systems equipment and delevopments in CCTV.

Among other customers the Hamburger Hochbahn AG ( HHAG ) is an important client of VAS. Specifically tailored to the requirements of HHAG, VAS designed and implemented a client/server software solution (ZSSB ) to help to manage CCTV systems in a huge fleet.

At the same time VAS established a strong business relationship with DIVIS GmbH, which offers systems specifically for CCTV in the logistics sector. This cooperation covers both hardware developments, as well as specifically fine tuned client/server applications for the field of logistics (CargoVis II, ParcelVis).

Today, in addition to the managing director, VAS engages six employees: Four TU electrical engineers, a layout engineer and an employee for administrative tasks and quality management. All five shareholders of the VAS GmbH are employees at the company .

Here is a short list of VAS current ongoing projects:

  • Design and development of embedded systems for video digitization and compression for mobile usage (safety technology in buses/trains)
  • Development of system software for video systems in logistics
  • Customized solutions for network-based analysis of video content primarily generated by VAS components
  • Development and production of PC plugin cards (PCI) for video digitization and compression. The current product VSM48 -6 can digitize and process 48 analog video signals at once