programmingOur team has many years of experience in programming of different platforms and architectures with the help of advanced software technologies and development tools.

Whether Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or FreeRTOS,
whether C#, Objective-C, C++, C, Java, Javascript, Ruby or Visual Basic,
whether GUI, tool, cmdline, DLL, bash, daemon, driver, bootloader or Web Service
whether µC, GPP, DSP, server or cloud:

We program all!

Embedded Systems

Development of hardware-related system software of embedded systems: This includes the programming of the processor architectures referred to in the Hardware Development section. We cover programming of Linux-based systems (x86, PPC , ARM) in all board support, kernel and driver level as well as userspace applications, network and interface communication, completely by our team.

GUI Development

Client/Server Architectures

GUI development of client/server architectures for the analysis of video databases. Development of algorithms for digital video analysis, e.g. for motion detection and object locating and overlay of location engine data. Database connectivity included.

Application Development

Windows application development for client/server architectures, especially for video analysis based on .NET, WPF, WCF, VB6 or MFC.

Also, the development of applications for the popular tablet and smartphone platforms iOS and Android plays an important role for us.